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The 16S Microbial ID Kit* allows for hypothesis-free, efficient, rapid, minimal hands-on-time detection and identification of prokaryotes (bacteria and archaea) on your MiSeq. The “Platinum Standard” for microbiology has arrived where hypothesis-free microbial identification is now possible. Assume less and learn more about what is in your samples.

The 16S Microbial ID Kit* includes access to the RIDI™ (Rapid Infectious Disease Identification) cloud-based analysis system. Upload your raw sequence data and demultiplexed results are on the way. The RIDI™ software uses industry standard methods to accurately identify the microbes to the lowest taxonomic level, maintain relative contribution of each organism, and configurable reporting options. No need to develop your own bioinformatics solution or pipeline, it comes in the box.

*For Research Use Only.

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