About BioID Genomics

BioID Genomics, Inc (BIG) is a biotechnology company that specializes in sequencing and software solutions to identify and characterize microbes. The founders of BIG have over 32 years of experience in the development of sequencing reagents, systems, and related software technologies. The technology has been cited in peer reviewed literature and is supported by an innovative and robust patent portfolio. The 16S Microbial ID Kit, compatible with your Illumina MiSeq, is BIG’s flagship commercial product. This Research Use Only (RUO) kit has been designed to make accurate detection of microbes by DNA sequencing, not only easier, but more affordable using our proprietary targeted sequencing approach. This approach allows the user to detect microbes in a wide range of sample types; whether they are from environmental, biological samples (such as stool, urine, whole blood), or mixed or pure microbial cultures.

The 16S Microbial ID Kit allows for efficient, rapid, detection and identification of microbes on your MiSeq with minimal hands-on-time. The “Platinum Standard” for microbiology has finally arrived with true hypothesis-free microbial detection and identification. The kit enables sequencing novice laboratories to perform sophisticated analysis to comprehensively profile the microbial communities present in a sample agnostic manner. The kit includes time and investment saving innovations that eliminate the need for library preparation kits.  The kit reduces the pre-sequencing time to as little as 3 hours. The kit uses a unique indexing and amplification strategy that replaces traditional library preparation with reliable and sensitive PCR. There is no need for plate hybridization or two-step indexing methods. After PCR amplification the DNA is ready for library pooling and sequencing by an Illumina MiSeq. Once the run is complete the kit includes access to the patented RIDI™ cloud-based analysis and reporting software system. The software uses industry standard methods to accurately identify the microbes at the lowest taxonomic level, maintains the relative contribution of each detected organism, and provides useful report configuration options. The kit supports multiplexed detection of up to 96 samples. The core RIDI™ technology has a proven and validated track record in the commercial laboratory space for more than 7 years.